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In honour of Diónyſos


Confidence in chaos · He who returned from death · Protector of thoſe genderqueer

A painting of Dionysos.
A packed concert bathed in purple light.

Bringing confidence in bacchanalian chaos

Bunches of grapes on a vine. Dionysos riding on the back of a mule.

Higher · Give Yourſelf A Try · Freaky 4 Life · Money Machine

A hymn to Dionysos

Diónysos i call, loud and divine, fanatic God, a two-fold ſhape is Thine:
Thy various names and attributes i ſing, O, firſt-born, thrice begotten, Bacchic King:
Rural, ineffable, two-formed, obſcure, two-horned, with ivy crowned, and euion pure.
Bull-faced, and martial, bearer of the vine, endowed with counſel prudent and Divine:
Triennial, whom the leaves of vines adorn, of Zeús and Persephónē, occultly born.
Immortal Dæmon, hear my ſuppliant voice, give me in blameleſs plenty to rejoice;
And listen gracious to my myſtic prayer, ſurrounded with Thy choir of nurſes fair.

Bleſsed 12020.04.02, refreſhed 12020.08.16

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