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I sometimes get the feeling that The 1975 are trying really, really hard to be Radiohead. This album invited a lot of comparison to OK Computer upon its release — i'm not going to get into which is the better album overall; the casette deck does not deal in competitive rankings — but honestly? I think this does a much better job at capturing the cultural zeitgeist around the internet than OK Computer ever did.

I don't have any better reason to put this on here other than the fact that it goes SO hard. Seeing Science/Visions live was a fucking transcendental experience

Unabashedly trashy electropop about toxic masculinity, made by someone who is openly non-binary?? I never knew i wanted this until i received it

I like to think this is what deep-fried memes would sound like if they were music.

Fuck Kid A, this is the greatest left (okay it's not really that far) turn in music history. The guy who made The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny and Two Trucks just comes out and drops an insanely catchy album of tongue-in-cheek pop songs about the occult, all with way improved production over any of his previous work! I love this album so much i imported the vinyl from the US; every song on here is so uniquely funny and catchy and i just. aughughhh

This is very much not a pop-friendly record, yet even so, Everything in Its Right Place and Idioteque have burrowed their hooks into the deepest corners of my brain. Also, Motion Picture Soundtrack makes me weep like a baby every. single. time.

can't believe carly rae jepsen invented pop music

can't believe charli xcx invented pop music 2. the sequel

Wor lad!!! I'm legally required to put him on here, because he's a lad from the North East singing about how fucked it is thanks to Westminster neglect

Cursed mashups that should not be!

Jack Antonoff's production in combination with Lorde's songwriting and vocals is a delight for the ears.

This ambient concept album about dementia and memory decline is six hours long and i cried a lot of the way through it.

This was the first album i ever listened to in full. I love it more than i have ever loved myself.

Make Me Feel is a bisexual/pansexual anthem; Americans wins the award for "catchiest topical song making use of a sample from a priest's sermon", if such a thing exists

Look at this shit. It goes so hard, and it never even mentions computers. It's great. My condolences to Let Down and Electioneering... sacrifices had to be made. (Paranoid Android isn't that good, I SAID IT, COME AT ME)

i cried a lot, but i can't stop thinking about how the best way to summarise this album is fucking I miss my wife, Tails. I miss her a lot.

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