are you such a dreamer
(to put the world to rights)

This is a journal of my dreams; ſome ſpiritual, some not.

ε Βοηδρομιών ☾ δ ἐν χϟθ — V Boëdromion ☾ IV in DCXCIX

☉ 13 IX 12020

I predicted a flood in Turkey. Minutes later, my house would be washed away into the sea by a storm before coming across a naval helipad, at which point i woke up.

β Βοηδρομιών ☽ δ ἐν χϟθ — II Boēdromión ☽ IV in DCXCIX

♃ 20 VIII 12020

The Queen came out as a trans man by the name of King Win­chester, four hours before beïng shot and killed. There was an edit war over what to call the Wikipedia page.

β Μεταγειτνιών ☾ δ ἐν χϟθ — II Metageitnión ☾ IV in DCXCIX

☾ 17 VIII 12020

I learned how to play Megalovania on guitar. (In real life, i have no idea how to play any instrument. Also, would that make me more or less annoying than the people who can only play Wonderwall?)

ϛ Μεταγειτνιών ☽ δ ἐν χϟθ — VI Metageitnion ☽ IV in DCXCIX

☾ 27 VII 12020

I invited someone onto my Minecraft server. I gave them hot chocolate (in Minecraft); they said it tasted better than the hot chocolate a friend of mine had given them, which apparently tasted like coffee. I then ended up stuck in a laundry basket full of horrible, watery, coffee-y hot chocolate. (I woke up before i could confirm what it tasted like.)

β Μεταγειτνιών ☽ δ ἐν χϟθ — II Metageitnion ☽ IV in DCXCIX

☿ 22 VII 12020

I was on holiday in the Netherlands. Papa and i went to the store; my Dutch apparently was less atrocious than i thought it was.

Me and my mum went to a 100 Gecs concert, although the dream ended before we could hear them play. I looked around the venue and there were severely overpriced plushies for sale. We didn't actually know what venue we were at, so we asked someone who informed us that we were in a seasonal venue called the Fuckdrome™, of which he was the king.

γ Ἑκατομβαιών ☾ δ ἐν χϟθ — III Hecatombæon ☾ IV in DCXCIX

☉ 19 VII 12020
Me and a friend (in the dream) tried to make contact with the Theoí via dreams. Apóllō came eaſily — although i do not remember what He ſaid, if anything — but Hermês was harder to approach.

Oneiromancer's notes

Apóllō was the firſt of the Theoí i began to worſhip, and, though looking back i have felt His preſence numerous times, Hermês is quite a new addition to my practice. Perhaps i ſhould be more devoted to Him?