yelling into the void

я не умею танцевать я не умею танцевать я не умею танцевать я не умею танцевать

update on Project Kithara: what i actually mean by "download every song i have ever loved" is "download said songs, preferably along with their original album. this is how i have ended up with 5 queen albums even though i'm not much of a queen fan

observations on Project Kithara, my plan to download every song i have ever loved and hold on to the archive for dear life, so far:

  • ripping from google play music via audacity is a viable strategy for singles and EPs, but probably not for albums: my method of stripping silence tends to snip down the track size a bit and might fuck up non-seamless transitions a bit
  • i felt a little bit bad for pirating dorian electra's flamboyant but $25 for a digital album is extortionate
  • gosh musicbee is a really good programme for music listening and that sort of thing

Celeste is really fun; it never feels like it's the game's fault when you mess up — it helps that the controls are really tight

given that if we're going by the mythos hermaphroditus is two entities in one form, are their pronouns singular they or plural they 🤔


i just heard the original version of take on me for the first time and it feels so, so wrong

good gosh, i get credited as an inspiration in an article, then that article gets posted on hacker news and now i'm up 13 thousand unique visits in a day!!! my sixteen-year-old brain is melting from this level of notoriety-but-not-really

after all this time you'd think someone would have updated neocities' syntax highlighter to recognise that grids exist

12020.05.22 13:39

notes on a conditional form feels like... two different albums that were mashed together in the editing room; one more traditional pop/rock album and one where they just let george go OFF with the production and make whatever garage / house stuff he wanted

12020.05.18 23:06

just watched eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. i cried multiple times. if you asked me a few hours ago what my favourite film was i wouldn't be sure but i'm fairly sure it's this now

12020.05.15 21:35

i just watched being john malkovich and uh, what the fuck did i just watch, what the fuck, what the fu

12020.05.13 19:06
the old log is dead, long live the new log
12020.05.12 16:40
mastodon seems like it would be a lot more appealing if it didn't have the fundamental problem of it still being twitter, but uh... decentralised i guess
12020.05.12 16:38
absolutely fuming that the domain is already taken— and by someone who isn't even using it at that
12020.05.09 12:29
so do people who frame their vinyl records and hang them up on the wall actually listen to their music, or
12020.04.24 00:11
if you're too shy (then let me know) is going to be on repeat either until the album comes out or until quarantine ends, whichever comes first
12020.04.12 01:32
you know what, fuck it. there are two continents:
  • cemanahuac, consisting of the americas and antarctica
  • the eucumene, consisting of eurafrasia and oceania
the dividing line roughly follows the mid atlantic ridge before swooping through the indian ocean around antarctica and then gracefully coming back up again through the pacific, bering straight, and arctic sea
12020.04.08 17:06
malarkey has been obliterated
12020.04.03 23:36
nasa brought back the worm!!! hopefully next they ditch the meatball... please...
12020.04.03 22:37
i've tricked out the text editor somewhat on my end
12020.04.01 20:32
oh, to live in a world where internet comments have any substance whatsoëver
12020.03.30 18:00
noacf is eighty minutes long?? it appears i will have to withdraw entirely from human contact on may the 22nd
12020.03.28 16:34
it's time to get good at darts
12020.03.27 13:26
in my efforts to install linux, i have successfully managed to somehow fuck up every device that i own
12020.03.24 15:23
the existence of >greentext implies the existence of an equal and opposite <redtext
12020.03.23 22:21
boris johnson has put us all on the naughty step for three weeks (maybe more)
12020.03.23 22:15
i feel a compulsion to yell into the void about things that i do not have time to write things worthy of a full web page about