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It's not all about sports, i promise. It is, however, one of the best uses of hypertext for storytelling i've seen in a long, long time. I don't want to spoil it, so go read it for yourself!
→Also by Jon Bois: The Bob Emergency
Created 12017-07-05, added to list 12020-02-13

An artwork best viewed without me explaining it to you first.
Created ?????, added to list 12020-03-18

Virtual machines, old software, and such.[0]This is only on here because i internet know the guy and he added my badge to his site, so i felt obliged to return the favour
Created 12018-06-14, added to listg 12020-03-10

The stories told by a variety of interesting things found in a canal in Amsterdam during excavation of a metro line.
Created 12018-06-13, added to list 12020-03-05

Bill Wurtz's home page is wonderfully... not minimalist, but very bare-bones. It's got all sorts of hidden nooks and crannies; the anagrams page is a personal favourite.
→Also by Bill Wurtz: La de da de da de da de day oh
Created c. 12005, added to list 12020-02-13

An online "exhibition" about a 17th-century trunk of letters sent to a museum in The Hague.
Created 12015-11-04, added to list 12020-03-06

Interesting personal site with am absolutely kickass design.
Created c. 12019-06-25, added to list 12020-03-18

Procedurally-generated music based on your location.
Created c. 12017-10-20, added to list 12020-02-13 (the case of the missing hit)

A man is haunted by the memory of a hit song from his childhood, that just does not exist anywhere on the internet.
Created 12020-03-05, added to list 12020-03-11

A delightful and objective categorisation of carbohydrate-based foods. We can finally be sure that a hot dog is, in fact, a sandwich, although this also requires accepting that pork pies are a calzone.
Created 12018-10-17, added to list 12020-02-13

This very much feels like the definitive modern version of those early-2000s vanity sites. Blog posts, photos, tips and tricks, and more!
Created 12019-03-25, added to list 12020-04-03

You may be disappointed that it doesn't literally play every noise at once. But it's a fascinating data-driven look at how music is categorised, and incidentally a pretty good tool for discovering new artists!
Created 12013-03-22, added to list 12020-02-13

I have no idea what this vapourwave-inspired fever dream is, but i love it.[1]I have been informed that this is apparently some sort of project based on the anime Serial Experiments Lain; however, it is much cooler to pretend that it is some sort of mystery than acknowledge that it is a weeb fan site. (The main page has a very flickery background, so if you have photosensitive epilepsy or anything of the sort you might want to steer clear)

This also served as the design inspiration for the famous Terminal 00 ARG! The more you know.
Created 12013-06-29, added to list 12020-03-10

Alright, maybe this is just a glorified RSS reader with a few extra bits tacked on. But i love the way it organises content: just because someone posts more frequently doesn't mean i want to see more of them!
Created c. 12019-11-04, added to list 12020-04-24

Some interesting design choices here— i love the idea of banner ads for people's Neocities sites.
Created c. 12019-05-13, added to list 12020-03-18

To be honest, nobody really understands Homestuck. Not even the people who like Homestuck understand Homestuck.
Created 12009-04-13, added to list 12020-04-03

oh shit things just got meta
A directory of links that were my main inspiration in creating this page. There's so much cool stuff here, and i still haven't reached the bottom.
→Also by Kicks Condor: their blog
Created 12013-03-22, added to list 12020-02-13

Random Youtube videos with under 100 views; a fascinating glimpse into things that might never have been meant to be seen. (Also, a lot of foreign pop music.)
→See also:
Created c. 12015-05-10, added to list 12020-02-26

The further from Earth you scroll, the older the radio transmissions get.
→See also: The opening scene of Contact
Created c. 12015-07-14, added to list 12020-04-24

This is genius: A search engine, but with the top million sites (or any order of magnitude you choose) filtered out. Great for rediscovering the smaller web!
Created c. 12012-04, added to list 12020-05-28

The annoying thing about the Mouth trilogy is that you'll never be able to hear the normal versions of these songs the same way again.
→Also by Neil Cicierega: The entirety of 21st century internet culture
Created 12017-01-23, added to list 12020-03-18

Various experiments in mischief, released every fortnight. Highlights include Times Newer Roman, the toaster bath bomb, and of course, JESUS SHOES
Created c. 12016, added to list 12020-03-18

Title says it all, really.
Created 12019-12-23, added to list 12020-04-24

Spiral scrolling is ridiculous and i love it.
Created c. 12017-05-11, added to list 12020-04-03

Your new apartment is waiting for you. Scenic views of all of New York City.
Created 12020-03-06, added to list 12020-03-18

The song playing in the background is a chiptune version of FÃ¥ngad av en stormvind. You're welcome.
Created c. 12012-02-28, added to list 12020-04-24

A simultaneously tedious and engaging explanation of just how big space is.
Created c. 12014-03-04, added to list 12020-02-26†

Pluto was beautiful. Pluto was there when you needed it. And then one day, it wasn't anymore. I'm linking to an archived version here, but the original will never be forgotten.
Created 12015-09-06, disappeared c. 12019-04, added to list 12020-02-13

A beautifully composed online magazine about beautiful pixel art. How they got Tumblr to coöperate with that design, i have no idea.
Created c. 12010, added to list 12020-03-19

You've probably already heard of this if you've spent any length of time on the Internet, but it's still great. A giant compendium of horror, sci-fi, and just plain weird tales and documents that'd take you years to read in its entirety.
Created 12007-06-22, added to list 12020-02-13

"Marijn, I fail to see why"— *click* —"a site just about skyscrapers"— *click* —"merits inclusion on thi... oh no i've got twenty tabs of this open help"
Created 12017-01-23, added to list 12020-03-19

Don't click on me. It upsets the bees.
Now you've done it. The bees have left.
Created c. 11997-06-30, added to list 12020-05-28

22 channels about various topics... lean back and relax.
Created 12020-04-17, added to list 12020-04-24 

You were on your way home when you died. And that's when you met me.
→See also: Kurzgesagt's animated version

Created 12017-08-15, added to list 12020-03-19

The ways we've come up with to communicate the danger posed by radioactive waste to future generations fascinate me to no end. Land art and green cats are just some of the interesting ones!
Created 12014-05-12, added to list 12020-02-13

After 24 hours of noöne submitting a message, this website will self-destruct.
Created 12020-04-18, added to list 12020-04-24

Detailed information on the Hellenistic gods: mythos, their domains, epithets, and ancient worship. I don't think the people behind it are Hellenists themselves, but i've seen a lot of other Hellenists use it as a source, and for good reason!
Created c. 12000 added to list 12020-05-28†

No matter how weird you think the Time Cube story is, it always seems to get weirder.
Created c. 11997, disappeared c. 12015-08, added to list 12020-02-13

Various fun games and jokes. My personal favourite is Can You Draw a Perfect Circle?— best i can do is 97.7%.
Created 12020-04-17, added to list 12020-04-24

Wikipedia can be considered living proof that humans are, fundamentally, nice. The fact that we've managed to keep an online encyclopædia running (ad-free, even!) for twenty years without it completely burning to the ground is really one of our greatest achievements, right up there alongside fire, electricity, and that time people raised 350 000 USD for charity purely to spite Graham Linehan.
Created 12001-01-15, added to list 12020-02-13

A fantastical operating system with various widgets galore.
Created c. 12014-10, added to list 12020-03-19

A treasure trove of art, live streams, and other such multimedia. Very noticeably inspired by the Geocities era of web design, with weird branching paths stretching throughout; it's like exploring an actual museum.
Created c. 12017-01, added to list 12020-03-10

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