☙ My coat of arms ❧

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Party per fess wavy Purpure and Argent, a bunch of grapes hanging from a pair of antlers counterchanged, in chief three mullets of the second.
A demi-otter rampant proper, bearing in its forepaws an equi­lateral tri­angle Purpure charged with a combined symbol of Venus, Mars, and Herm­aphro­ditos Argent.
Assume no malice

↑ The above is, well, my personal coat of arms! It's not registered with any heraldic authority, but who cares, heraldry is fun. Further detail on its origins and symbolism are below...

I. The escutcheon

A purple and white shield decorated with a wave across the middle and a bunch of grapes beneath a pair of antlers.

I.a. The field

The field shape is generally inconsequential, but i do sometimes like to emblazon it as a triangle, like on this website's home page, for some extra pride-themed pizzazz.

Purple has always been one of my favourite colours, and when combined with gold it looked a bit too, erm.... Ukip-y for my tastes.

The division of the field is a more subtle reference to the symbolism expressed in the crest: the waves are both a cant on genderfluidity, and a reference to my affinity for water.

I.b. The charges

The grapes symbolise my devotion to Dionysos, and, while i could very much make up some gubbins about the antlers being about strength or something along those lines, the truth is that they were on my previous arms' crest, and my fursona is an otter with antlers. Forgive me.

Lastly, the three stars symbolise my three conflicting national identities: British, European, and Dutch.

II. The crest

An otter bearing a purple triangle with a white transgender symbol.

I've always had an affinity for water, and have been jokingly referred to as "semi-aquatic", much like the otter. Of course, the real reason i have an otter on my crest is simply that my fursona is (once again) an otter with antlers. The meaning of the symbol being born by it should hopefully be obvious :P

III. The motto

Assume no malice

This is a rephrasing of Hanlon's razor, the idea that things are more often explained by misunderstanding and ignorance than deliberate malice, and thusly, one should assume good faith on the part of the actor. It's an idea i try to live my life by.

IV. History

I went through quite a few designs for my arms before the current iteration! You can find the previous versions in the table below.