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A version of the author's coat of arms displayed as a magenta triangle, containing a wave, a bunch of grapes
    hanging from a pair of antlers, and three starts at the top. It is surrounded by the following text in concentric circles, from outermost to innermost:
    I'm magic; Ishtar loves me; and the queen of hell thinks i'm hot, in yellow, white, magenta, and black (the colours of the non-binary pride flag);
    Onze toekomst ligt tussen de sterren;
    Marijn Florence Robert van Hoorn, at the top only;
    Our future lies amongst the stars;
    If i may blossom like a hyacinth flower

Hello! I'm Marijn, and this is my personal website. You can use the tabs up ↑ there ↑ to navigate; i hope you'll find something you like!

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bi pride! non-binary pride! genderfluid pride! queer pride!
Hellenist Apollo Dionysus Gaia Hermaphroditus Hermes
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